Recruiting Services

Whether you need a partner to run your recruiting function fully, help with specific leadership or front-line sales management search, or run traditional individual contributor-oriented recruiting efforts, we are here to help.


We help many organizations with plug-and-play support to meet specific hiring needs across go-to-market functions.

Role Intake Process
On every search, the team runs a comprehensive intake to review candidate profiles, role responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and current state hiring process. We’ll then work with you to develop an updated approach to ensure a high level of coordination at every step of the way, ensuring we are maintaining strong candidate experience while maximizing our collective success closing exceptional candidates.
Comprehensive Sourcing
Our team uses multiple modern recruiting platforms and resources to engage candidates across channels. We also maintain a database of qualified candidates and network contacts for proactive outreach and potential referrals.
Screening & Interview Coordination
Unlike many traditional recruiting firms, Blueprint runs thorough screens on every candidate prior to submission to ensure soft and hard skills alignment for each opportunity. We also offer additional interview coordination and participation services at every step of the hiring process.
Specialty Roles
  • BDRs & SDRs (inbound, outbound, enterprise)
  • Account Executives (SMB, Commercial, Enterprise, Strategic, Channel Sales)
  • Marketing (Content, Demand Generation, ABM, Field, Corporate, Product)
  • Customer Success & Support (CSM, Onboarding, Customer Education, Support)
  • Pre-sales and Revenue Operations (Operations & Enablement)
  • First and Second line Sales Leaders

In partnership with Skaled, we also offer integrated sales playbook development services to ensure your existing team is enabled and upskilled as you hire.

Recruit & Ramp

Even the most promising new hires struggle without solid onboarding to accelerate their learning. These programs also prove critical to attracting discerning talent and enhancing your employer brand.

Unlike other sales recruiters, Blueprint offers a full recruitment and ramp solution for organizations requiring a more comprehensive approach to their sales hiring efforts.

Role profile and job descriptions
We can help develop specific role profiles and job descriptions to ensure that every requisition opened includes a clear delineation of responsibilities and requirements to attract the best candidates and set clear expectations while also highlighting your value proposition and company intangibles.
New hire program development
Before commencing recruiting services, we can work with you to develop onboarding services, including build out or necessary refinement of existing sales playbook and enablement materials that equip new (and existing) hires with the right concepts and resources to talk about the business and run your sales process from prospecting to close and beyond.
Sourcing and recruiting services
Our sourcing and recruitment services work tightly off the foundational work done to build out your onboarding structure and refine existing materials. We leverage that work and insights to ensure that prospective candidates get a crystal clear sense of what to expect after joining your organization.
Guided onboarding for new hire cohorts

Our services do not end on day one. Leverage our team to help guide your new hires through structured sales onboarding materials to accelerate their development, minimize churn risk, and build stronger fidelity to your organization and sales principals.

Complete RPO

Many growth-oriented companies lack internal resources to run dedicated/focused recruiting efforts. No need to wing it any longer. When you need a full solution to run your GTM recruiting efforts, we can help. Our services are tailored for growth company markets specifically.

Comprehensive recruitment process design and management
Our team can work with you to develop a robust, repeatable recruitment process spanning the go-to-market organization, ensuring alignment with other functions and your hiring and growth goals.
Salary benchmarking and compensation recommendations
Ensuring proper compensation today can be challenging given changes in market conditions and the growth of distributed work. We can help ensure your compensation aligns to market and make recommendations where necessary to improve execution readiness and overall competitiveness.
ATS procurement / management & tech stack design
We work with a number of technology partners spanning employer branding, applicant tracking, and sourcing platforms. Whether you need ad hoc recommendations or help overseeing purchasing decisions, we can provide guidance and ongoing support.
Employer branding services
Employer branding is a vital part of developing and sustaining long-term success in talent acquisition. We can help with developing / refining your employee value proposition, ensuring alignment with other functions, and implementing content and messaging on your careers page and other candidate destinations and social channels.
Hiring manager alignment and training
Too often, start-up and growth companies put new managers and individual contributors into hiring processes without providing basic training on running interviews and making sound assessments of talent. Our team is trained in interview best practices and risk mitigation strategies to ensure that individuals you seek to bring into the hiring process operate professionally and contribute to your hiring effectiveness every step of the way.
Reporting and analytics review
Existing data on hiring outcomes is often siloed across systems. Our team can work with you to review existing data and analytics to ensure a full understanding of key conversion rates to support further investments and goal setting.

Leadership Search

Need to make a more senior go-to-market function hire? Blueprint offers search services to ensure you don’t miss. Starting with a thorough assessment of your hiring goals, we’ll run highly targeted sourcing efforts to ensure we place the right leadership candidates in front of you and the organization.

We’ll ensure your process is airtight, and we’ll train all process participants in the interview and vetting process to ensure unconscious bias does not get in the way of your search. We excel in front-line, second line, and leadership roles just below the C-suite.

Leadership Roles
  • Head of Sales/VP of Sales
  • Sales Development Management
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Customer Success Leadership
  • Senior Manager / Director of Marketing
  • VP/Director Revenue Operations and Enablement
  • VP/Director Pre-Sales/Sales Engineering

General Questions

How do you charge for your services?

We have multiple services packages, depending on the needs of our clients. Please reach out to us for more information, and see our services page for a breakdown of our packages.

Do you recruit outside of the US and Canada?
Our focus is currently North America, but we’ve also worked with tremendous people in APAC, LATAM, and EMEA. If you have needs in these regions (whether you are based in North America or elsewhere), we want to hear from you!
Where are you based?
Currently, our team is distributed across the San Francisco Bay Area and Middle Tennessee. We are comfortable sourcing and recruiting anywhere in the US or Canada.
I've worked with so many headhunters. What makes you different?

We believe our biggest difference is our methodology for assessing talent and incorporating those assessments into a robust hiring process. Many firms - tech-enabled or not - focus more on paper credentials than truly qualifying and vetting a candidate for the role. Please reach out to us for more information!

Is SaaS experience important when hiring?
Hmm, what does this mean anyhow?! We recommend defining the skills and behaviors sought before running a search rather than using buzzwords or phrases from other people’s job descriptions. Need help? Let us know!
Do you offer a "sales bootcamp"?
Currently, no - but stay tuned for upcoming programs for talent and aspiring sales professionals.
Why did you launch Blueprint?
Despite so much innovation in HR tech and recruiting, hiring remains broken. As former operators with decades of experience hiring sellers, we wanted to start our own business dedicated to helping B2B tech companies across a range of industries do a better job at attracting and sourcing tremendous (and diverse) talent.