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General Questions

How do you charge for your services?

We have multiple services packages, depending on the needs of our clients. Please reach out to us for more information, and see our services page for a breakdown of our packages.

Do you recruit outside of the US and Canada?
Our focus is currently North America, but we’ve also worked with tremendous people in APAC, LATAM, and EMEA. If you have needs in these regions (whether you are based in North America or elsewhere), we want to hear from you!
Where are you based?
Currently, our team is distributed across the San Francisco Bay Area and Middle Tennessee. We are comfortable sourcing and recruiting anywhere in the US or Canada.
I've worked with so many headhunters. What makes you different?

We believe our biggest difference is our methodology for assessing talent and incorporating those assessments into a robust hiring process. Many firms - tech-enabled or not - focus more on paper credentials than truly qualifying and vetting a candidate for the role. Please reach out to us for more information!

Is SaaS experience important when hiring?
Hmm, what does this mean anyhow?! We recommend defining the skills and behaviors sought before running a search rather than using buzzwords or phrases from other people’s job descriptions. Need help? Let us know!
Do you offer a "sales bootcamp"?
Currently, no - but stay tuned for upcoming programs for talent and aspiring sales professionals.
Why did you launch Blueprint?
Despite so much innovation in HR tech and recruiting, hiring remains broken. As former operators with decades of experience hiring sellers, we wanted to start our own business dedicated to helping B2B tech companies across a range of industries do a better job at attracting and sourcing tremendous (and diverse) talent.